Spring Cleaning: Home


Along with the sunshine and spending more time outdoors, spring inspires me to de-clutter, clean and de-own.

Cleaning up my personal space increases my productivity and mental clarity.  My family and I are getting ready to move  (again!) this summer, and I find myself not just needing to de-clutter but actually get rid of a lot of the items we have accumulated over the years.  With two kids, the stuff piles up quickly.  Toys, clothes, sporting equipment, etc.  I find that I spend much of my free time finding organizational tools to help store, stack and separate it all.  We are getting ready to move into a smaller space and I have been looking for ways to minimize my stuff and spending.  As I reorganize my space and toss out the things that are no longer useful or purposeful, I have been looking online for mindful inspiration in my Spring Cleaning process. 

One of my favorite blogs on this subject is “Becoming Minimalist.” In 2008, Joshua Becker, founder of Becoming Mimimalist, decided to live with fewer possessions, and blogged about his journey.  There is a lot of information on his blog, so I found it helpful to start here.

It’s time to spring clean at home and get more organized in life!