How I Got Here

How I got here...
Over 15 years ago, a colleague went to see environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill when he was living in Luna in the Redwood Forest of Northern CA. On her way to see Julia, he saw this sign.

This image is what inspired my purchase the url, Right now, the site is a collection of other sites and apps that I have visited that have helped me to live mindfully. Moving forward, I hope to add both more original content and additional finds from other mindful sites, blogs, products, organizations, ideas, individuals and events. 

Mindfulness is defined as full awareness, and is something I try to practice each day. I am not an expert by any means, but I am aware of its value and benefits.
I look to mindfulness to find inspiration, seeking calm and clarity in this crazy world of distractions.  As a parent of two small children, life is busy. It can be a struggle just to get myself and my kids out the door each morning..  One simple thing I do each day with my kids is to set a daily intention.  It can be as simple as saying "have a a great day," or " be happy ", as we pause by the front door of our house on the way to school in the morning.  It is one simple way to connect as a family and bring a little mindfulness to the start of our day.
 More coming on the be mindful blog soon!
In the mean time, if you would like to suggest mindful sites, you can email me at